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'The Kingfishers' Swimming Team: Doncaster Team Champions 2023

Pete's Postbag

There will be no training on Saturday 15 June 2024 or Saturday 29 June 2024. (Jorvik and BML Competitions respectively)

The summer break this year will be:

Last session Friday 2nd August

First session back Wednesday 21 August

Enjoy the break

North East Regional Championship

During February a few of our swimmers who had qualified for the Regional Championships competed at Leeds. 

The swims were excellent and so our congratulations go to: 

To simply qualify for the Regional Championships is a great achievement but to final and medal is tremendous. 

You all did yourselves and the club proud.

Very well done!




Miranda & Sofia


James & Sofia


An exciting programme of swim meets for 2024

Our next swim meet  

The Jorviks