Friday Night Sharks

Important Update 03/01/2021

Doncaster Dartes has now taken over full responsibility for Sharks Sessions and as such Armthorpe Swimming Club no longer has any involvement with these sessions.

If your child swims in these sessions and you have any questions, or you would like to find out more information you should contact Dartes & not Armthorpe Swimming Club as we will be unable to help.

We understand that swimming will recommence at Rossington on Monday 11 January. Swimming sessions days and times will be as before

Any queries should be emailed to

Thank You

Update Sept 2020

We have now agreed with Doncaster DARTES how we can support our Sharks Section in the future so please see below.

Due to COVID Armthorpe, Rossington and DARTES all use the pool at Armthorpe Leisure Centre and as Rossington/DARTES currently have some available pooltime we have agreed to the arrangement below.

If you would like to contact someone to discuss please ring Jordan Allerton on 07415967252.

Please note this does not exclude anyone from attending Sharks and our Lifesaving Section which remains on Friday nights at 6.30 - 7.30pm.

Pete Hardy.

Message from Rossington/Dartes to Sharks Swimmers

Afternoon Sharks,

As you have been informed by now, it is proposed that the Sharks group will move to a Tuesday evening at Armthorpe Leisure Centre and will be incorporated into the Doncaster Dartes / Rossington Rascals merger. This option to merge these groups is seen as a starting point in building a more effective pathway for swimming and with this in mind we have developed, what we hope you will see, as a very interesting and exciting opportunity.

For those that aren't in the know, Doncaster Dartes S.C is the town's performance swimming club and traditionally one of the top 4 clubs in Yorkshire lead by their Head Coach Dave Cuthbert and Assistant Head Coach Jordan Allerton. Their aim is to provide top class professional coaching to all abilities and levels in an effort to improve Doncaster' swimming as a whole.

As we are all aware, Coronavirus has led to a very different world and one where we have to take a fresh look at things in order to make them work, a reduction in available pools and the impact of no galas has seen not only the financial aspects but also growth of clubs to be limited.

With this in mind, Armthorpe Kingfishers, Rossington Rascals and Doncaster Dartes have recently held talks around an effective use of pool time, this then led to integrating working across a couple of clubs and further conversations being held, building on newly formed relationships. The overall aim of these conversations being, to build Doncaster swimming and move to a fully inclusive and sustainable model which supports all, giving all children a solid base for swimming at a level suitable to them, whilst also building those who wish to develop in the sport.

These conversations have since enabled us to engage with Rossington Rascals to consider what a potential merger may look, and after discussion with Armthorpe Kingfishers, with a further option to consider the inclusion of Sharks into the Rossington / Doncaster Dartes merger.

This change offers many opportunities for all but at the heart of this are the swimmers. The merger and what it effectively means on poolside is being headed up by Doncaster Dartes Assistant Head Coach Jordan Allerton, who oversees the project, produces the plans and leads the coaching team on the ground. One of the reasons for moving Sharks was the difficulty in staffing the sessions on a regular basis from a pool of volunteers. This move ensures your swimmer is coached by a dedicated team that is led by a professional coach, giving your swimmer the high level of coaching they deserve.

There are a few Covid measures in place that you need to be aware of:

- please remain in your car until you have been called out

- only 8 swimmers are allowed in the changing rooms at any one time - arrive 'beach ready' - i.e. already wearing your swimwear and dry clothes over it.

- use the cubicles to get changed and store any non-poolside kit in the lockers

- if your swimmer already has their own kit (float, fins, pullbuoy etc.) they can bring these to the poolside, we will provide floats and pull buoys if not.

- when leaving, please towel down quickly, get changed into dry clothes (onesie/dressing gown - anything that allows a quick change) and exit the building quickly so we can get the next group in.

- parents are not allowed in the centre. Please remain in the car park in case something unexpected occurs.

If this is something that interests you please reply to this email to confirm, we would then like to offer your swimmer a trial on Tuesday 20th October at Armthorpe Leisure Centre. The session times will follow shortly. If Tuesday proves difficult, we can offer a Monday evening but please email us ahead of time so we can arrange this.

Best Regards Rossington ASC & Doncaster Dartes Coaching Staff and Committees