Yorkshire Sprints 2012

Post date: 18-Mar-2012 19:49:35

A full report on the day of competition at Ponds Forge will follow shortly, but in the mean time here's a rundown of the Armthorpe Medalists and Finalists. Congratulations to everyone named below!!


Gill Clarke, silver free, gold backstroke, silver butterfly

Georgia Wright, gold backstroke

Jarvis Parkinson, gold breaststroke, silver freestyle, bronze backstroke

Harvey Williamson, silver backstroke


Gill Clarke, breaststroke

Kelsey Wilson, breaststroke

Jack Durose, breaststroke

Heidi Smith, breaststroke, freestyle

Jarvis Parkinson, butterfly

Alex Pollard, butterfly, backstroke

Harvey Williamson, freestyle

Chantelle Waugh, butterfly

Jamie Clarke, backstroke

Caitlin Dixon, freestyle