Yorkshire Relays 2012

Post date: 20-Mar-2012 12:10:55

Thanks to Tina Wilson for the below report on the Yorkshire Relay Championships which took place on Sunday March 18th

Well it has to be said, that the Yorkshires haven’t changed a bit since 20 years ago – apart from the factthat instead of having your medals presented to you with some wonderful “hand clapping” music and thenstanding on a Podium whilst everyone screams their heads off, you simply go to a table, which is crammed fullof medals and “pretend” to be a swimmer from whichever team has won, then grab your Gold medal and runlike mad!Oh well, enough of the good old days – let’s see how we did......The day of the Yorkshire Team Sprints were full of team spirit, but the afternoon was completely dominatedby the 13/14 years Girls Team (Caitlin Dixon & Heidi Smith). They managed to battle it out for Gold medals in

both the Free and IM Events. It was a very close finish on the Freestyle event, but the girls managed to pull it

off in style - Well done girls! It has to be said that our “Open Team” were aiming to beat your times, but we

failed miserably

Oh well it was worth a go!

Also putting on a good show for the Girls 13/14 yrs were the B Team (Georgia Wright) – who swam fast for

a 6th place in the Freestyle and a 7th place in the IM Team. It’s great to see both Teams for DARTES pulling

through to the finals.

The Boys 13/14yr Team (Alex Pollard) who also had a very tight finish, ending up with Silver medals in both the

Freestyle and IM events.

The Younger crew – namely the Girls 9/10 yrs A Team (Chantelle Waugh, Gill Clarke) battled it out in style to

gain 2 Bronze medals in both events. It’s also great to see that the B Team (Charlotte Howard) also managed a

5th Place in the Medley Team too – good work girls!

Next to come were the 9/10 yrs Boys A Team (Harvey Williamson) who managed to swim fast for a 6th in the

IM and 7th in the Freestyle event.

The 11/12 yrs boys went on to grab a very close 2nd place in the IM team, and a 4th in the Freestyle event – just

missing out on a Bronze Medal Position.

The Girls 11/12 yrs (Katy Burton, Rebecca Christmas) swam well, producing some fast times, but unfortunately

missed out on the Finals. Good effort girls.

The Boys 15/16 Yrs team (Torin Wilson) gained a credible 7th in the Medley Team and an 8th in the Free Team.

The Boys Open Team managed to grab 7th place in both of their events. (Where was Jack the Lad?)

Finally – to finish the day off in style(or not so stylee), were the Open Girls (Jenny Burton, Tina Wilson) who

had a certain “individual” style of diving, managed to exhaust ourselves and finish with a very very close 4th

in the Freestyle event and a 6th in the IM. It has to be said that hitting a time keeper in the face, just before

diving in was not one of my better moves and Jenny Burton certainly kept the crowds excited with her Super

Dooper belly flops – Go Jenny !!

Well done to all teams who swam, there were some very fast times produced throughout the afternoon –

good effort guys. Let’s keep it up.