Yorkshire Qualification Gala

Post date: 16-Jul-2011 19:53:10

Since 2010 the Yorkshire ASA has required that all entries to championship galas are done through the National Rankings Database. Only times from licensed galas are kept on this database, so we decided to run our own licensed gala to provide as many swimmers as possible with the chance to compete at this level.

Below are the results from the gala. A quick summary shows that we had 15 swimmers achieve qualifying times over 29 different events. Granted, some of these were people just seeking to improve existing times, but that doesn't take away from the great achievement of officially being among the most elite swimmers in Yorkshire with only 4.5 hours of swimming training per week! Huge congratulations to all of you. Once we add in our swimmers who train at DARTES and those who qualified earlier in the year, we have 30 swimmers eligible to swim, that's almost 50% of our 'speed' swimmers. This will certainly be one of the largest Yorkshire Championship squads from Armthorpe ever - lets see how many of these qualifiers can make finals or bring home medals!! If you check the notice board you'll see the times that gained finals places at the 2010 gala as a little guide.

For those who didn't quite achieve the times needed please don't be disheartened, just have a look at how far off you were and think about what you could/should have done differently. If you were less than a couple of seconds then you know what I'm going to say... you probably weren't using the walls as well as you could, so lets continue to work on that and improve for the next time.

Thank you to all the coaches and parents who gave up their time to held run the gala, and a special thank you to Mandi Briggs for organising the swimmers and basically running the show!