Top 10 in the Country

Post date: 16-Jun-2011 18:15:13

For those of you who don't know Tina Wilson, she's the young lady who is just a tad over 18 years old (if you're feeling brave you can have a guess how old!) and trains in the Masters lane on a Wednesday and Sunday. She does like to moan about how hard training is, how much she doesn't like kicking, how much she hates butterfly... the list could go on and on, BUT she does whatever is put on the board and the below statistics are very well deserved. So Tina, for all the coaches and swimmers, well done, but you know what Dave will want now... more!!! :-)

Tina was a very successful swimming with Armthorpe as a child and after a break from swimming it's great to see that she has not lost her techniques. This just goes to show that if you learn things correctly now they will stay with you for a long long time! Unfortunately if you learn things incorrectly it takes just as long to correct them! There are a couple of things that Tina is working on at the moment to try and improve her times and rankings even further. There has been a tentative agreement to swim the North East Region masters championships in September this year and if things go well there Tina could rank fairly well in the Masters Decathlon competition!

Tina Wilson, National Masters rankings for 2011

50m free - 28.14 - 3rd (1st in her age band)

100m free - 1:01.35 - 6th (3rd in her age band)

50 fly - 31.90 - 13th (4th in her age band)

50 back - 33.20 - 10th (3rd in her age band)

100 back - 1:10.87 - 6th (2nd in her age band)

100 I.M. - 1:10.62 - 8th 3rd in her age band)

It's also worth noting that all these swims were done on the same day, so there is certainly more to come. If only we could twist her arm to do National Masters Championships at Sheffield... I feel a Facebook Group coming on! :-)