Sport Relief 2012 - Done!

Post date: 08-Mar-2012 11:34:55

On Saturday March 17th at 2:15 the final lengths of the mammoth 870 mile 2012 Sport Relief Challenge Swim were completed.

We've said all the way through that this was a huge undertaking and there were certainly points where swimmers were just too tired to carry on, but we got it done! Massive congratulations to every one who took part, especially those who swam in every session.

The Sponsorship money is still coming in, so don't forget that if people have pledged money to you on a sponsorship form you should now go and collect it! You can either bring it to training and pass it to a coach, who will put it through the website or simply pay it into the website yourself.

When you stop to think about why we took up this challenge in the first place you should be able to see that it was really worth all the pain, sweat and effort that the club put in. The ways in which Sport Relief spend the money we have generated are really inspiring and should make us all really thankful for what we do have.