Sport Relief 2012 is coming to Armthorpe

Post date: 17-Jan-2012 19:17:28

Some of you around the club may have heard mutterings about our Sports Relief charity event, but it's time to go public with it. The swimmers of Armthorpe ASC are planning to swim the equivalent distance from the most South Westerly point of the UK mainland to the most North Easterly point - that's 1.4 million metres! This will be done during normal training sessions (with a little extra pool time) over the space of a week from Wednesday March 7th. That means the average swimmer will be swimming close to 30Km - roughly the distance from Doncaster to Sheffield! All sections of the club will be getting in on the act, from our Stage 7 learn to swim groups, speed swimmers, rookie lifeguards (who'll probably still swim in clothes!) and of course our masters squad. We may even convince some coaches to get in the pool!! BUT... even if you're not going to be swimming, we still need your help. We need parents to come down from the balcony and onto poolside to get involved by counting lengths, providing encouragement and refreshments to the swimmers as well as donating generously via our Sport Relief Page. We're also trying to attract some corporate sponsorship, so please take the time to advertise this event at your company and ask if they would like to get involved in this great event.

We will be booking extra pool time on Saturday 10th and would like to make this into a really fun, family afternoon with cake stalls, raffle, music and a few surprises along the way!

If you think you can contribute in any way at all then please talk to Pete or Dave at training soon, or e-mail soon.