Schofield Championships 2012

Post date: 16-Dec-2012 09:29:48

Finally a little write up on some of the highlights from the 2012 Scofield Championships.

This was the second year of swimming in the revised format of seeding all swimmers on times rather than age and hats off to the committee for sticking with this because it produced some fantastic close races, great times and a handful of new Championship Records too! See below for a full list of new records.

The biggest highlight for many of the coaches/teachers was to see how many novice swimmers we had taking part and how high the standard of swimming was. It's quite exciting to see so many swimmers who are only doing half an hour of lessons a week stepping up and racing like they did. What will they be like next year!?

At the other end of the age spectrum were the 24 years and over boys. Always good for a laugh on poolside with pre-race antics but they showed that they all still wanted to win when it actually got down to the racing! Even though the soreness the day after gets worse as you get older (and stopped training years ago!)

There was a very unfortunate scheduling conflict with the second gala due to the organisers of the National Arena League (which DARTES compete in) not booking the pool for the date the final gala was meant to be swum on and having to move it forwards. This meant that all of our top DARTES swimmers were absent for the second gala - the one where the senior skins took place. This opened up the door for a whole host of fresh faces to race for money, which was a really good motivator and great to watch.

And then there was the presentation evening. The food was great, the dancing was fantastic (especially you Mark!) and the attendance levels were absolutely great. A huge thank you to the committee for running the whole thing and the Alton family for sourcing and serving the food.

More of the same from everyone next year please!!

New Championship Records in 2012

Ben Wright 8 and under 100IM

Azriel Chan 9yrs 50 back

Millie Colbear 10yrs 50 breast

Millie Colbear 10yrs 50 back

Millie Colbear 10yrs 50 fly

Millie Colbear 10yrs 50 free

Jack Durose 10yrs 50 free

Jarvis Parkinson 14yrs 100IM

Heidi Smith 15yrs 100IM