Russ Barber Coaching Clinic

Post date: 04-May-2013 07:45:28

Thanks to Masters swimmer and Coach, Richard Ellis for the below.

On Sunday the 14th a few of the boroughs lucky coaches attended a clinic presented by Russ Barber, city of Sheffield and one of Team GB Olympic coaches.

In attendance for Armthorpe ASC were Head coach David Holmes, Paul Christmas, Richard Ellis, Chris Durose, Alison Fielding and Alison


The first half of the clinic focused on Long Term Swimmer Development Pathway - From 10 years old to International Level.

Russ spoke of the importance of giving young juniors swimmers skill development at this age that they will need in ten years time. He continued to say that this requires a joint effort from every level from learning to swim – feeder clubs – through to the DARTES elite squad.

The second part of the clinic was all about Free Style skills and in particular the importance of the body position, the catch and maintaining

efficiency and Distance Per Stroke

Then finally it was down to the pool for drill work with the DARTES squads which the kids really enjoyed and hopefully benefited from.

Afterwards all the coaches agreed this had been extremely useful and it was nice to seem all the new ideas in training in Wednesday night’s


Anyone who wants a full summery of the clinic please feel free to email me at and I will send you a copy.