Rotherham Metro A/B grade gala

Post date: 18-Sep-2011 17:47:18

The Rotherham A/B grade gala was picked out for 3 reasons;

1 - it would give those swimmers who have entered the Short Course Yorkshire Championships a fantastic chance to prepare

2 - it would allow some younger swimmers so good quality race practice.

3 - coaches need to see what good and bad habits the swimmers have picked up since the last round of galas so we can work on them

In short the day was a great success. Our Yorkshire qualifiers all came away with at least a couple of good swims each, some tried different race tactics to see how they should approach 100m races, while others just made minor tweaks and produced great times. There were a host of medals throughout each session for our swimmers and a couple of speeding tickets thrown in too! (details to follow once results are published)

As for the good and bad habits, it was the same old story for some people, starts and turns lost races. Every session you hear your coaches talk about streamlining and pushing hard off the walls - this is because it's the most important thing when you're racing in a 25m pool. So there is still a lot of work to be done on those two bad habits. The good stuff though is really starting to come through. Kelsey Wilson and Katie Allott have figured out how to relax their arms on butterfly, which make me VERY happy and will make them start to enjoy swimming IM's and butterfly races!! Mathew Happs has changed his freestyle from an uncontrolled thrashing to a smooth high turnover stroke and Dale Marshbank got brave and tried to swim the first half of his 100m freestyle as a flat out sprint.

This ability and willingness to try new things and alter the way you swim is a great thing and I'm really proud of everyone who tried something new at this gala. Keep it up through the rest of September and then when all the big galas come in October you'll swim fast!