Post date: 26-Jun-2017 13:00:16

Round 3 was held at the impressive new pool at Wakefield. Why Doncaster cannot get its act together and provide a modern facility is a bit beyond me!!!.

As usual there was a lot of very good swimming on show from all clubs. The Armthorpe squad have impressed me this year with their disciplined swimming. Still no DQ's and lots of pb's. Ignoring the final result we have shown a gradual improvement to our points score over each round. Round 1 - 160 Round 2 - 162 and Round 3 - 165 so a big well done to the whole team. The team spirit is good and I saw a good example when some of the older boys went out of their way to make Dominic Mis feel part of it all which is important for somebody new to this country and our club. I say thank you to you boys and you know who you are. Next an apology from me to Lois, Eleanor and Madison because I had a watch malfunction and couldn't get their split times for the 50 Freestyle Relay. Sorry girls. There were lots of great swims but I have picked out three that stood out for me.

1. Dominic Mis in 100 free 1.06.72 and 50 free 29.84 always good to get under the 30 second barrier

2. Georgia Wright in her 100 breastroke (not her favourite stroke) a big battle withWakefield but she won in an impressive 1.19.96

3. Ajay Scott and an equally impressive 100 fly swim of 1.03.77 and a 27.31 in the 50 free team

In the end the points were:

Armthorpe 165 Adwick 140 Wakefield 108 Edlington 58

So we are currently in pole position in League 1 having won 2 galas so lets go and win the division in July at Edlington

Gala times are attached