Pocklington League 2013 - Gala 2

Post date: 24-Mar-2013 10:46:36

A snow covered Saturday afternoon in late March saw the start of the Pocklington League for Armthorpe. As you all know, in this league there are 5 teams, but only 4 compete at each gala (with each team missing one gala through the season). The first gala saw Armthorpe take their turn to miss while Adwick (161 points) took a very comfortable win over Wakefield (128 points), Askern (99 points) and South Hunsley (84 points) so we knew that going to Adwick's home pool for our first gala would be a real test. But, after going undefeated in the 2012 Pocklington League we were keen to start off 2013 right where we left off.

After the first round of relays and a few very frustrating disqualifications we were well behind on where we wanted and needed to be... around 11 points behind! Not the ideal way to start the defence of a league title. So we got the team together, had a little chat about what needed to happen and pinned our hopes on our swimmers who had individual races to pull us back into contention. They did not let us down. For almost every individual swim we were fighting for first or second place which saw us claw back the points deficit before heading into the freestyle relays. Out of the 32 individual swims we had 16 wins, 11 second places, 4 third places and only 1 fourth (and NO DQ's!!). Outstanding swims from Jamie Clarke and Jarvis Parkinson both doing 54's for their 100m freestyle, Reece fielding stepping up to do the 100 fly, Millie Colbear winning the 100 free by half a length, Georgia Wright and Caitlin Dixon both accepting the challenge of swimming their least favorite stroke (breaststroke) and then both winning, Natasha Crow winning a couple of close races on her Armthorpe debut, Chantelle Waugh dominating the 100 fly, the list could go on and on.

So heading into the final round of relays, where we are traditionally very strong, we had a slim points lead over 2nd place Adwick. But, with the knowledge that we'd been disqualified in a handful of relays already, we made a point of having the safest relay takeovers possible so we didn't have a repeat of the previous disappointment. Even when we slowed down our takeovers we pulled some fantastic wins and extended our lead to end up with a comfortable victory - larger than any winning margin of the 2012 campaign!

When you think that we didn't have our National medalist Alex Pollard, team Captain Jack Waddington or DARTES ace Heidi Smith for various reasons, we can be hopeful of another good season. Keep up the good work everyone! The next gala is Saturday June 29th at Armthorpe.

Gala 1 results (at Wakefield)

1st - Adwick, 161 points

2nd - Wakefield, 128 points

3rd - Askern Spa, 99 points

4th - South Hunsley, 84 points

Armthorpe miss

Gala 2 results (at Adwick)

1st - Armthorpe, 153 points

2nd - Adwick, 131 points

3rd - Wakefield, 101 points

4th - Askern Spa, 84 points

South Hunsley miss

Updated League Standings after 2 galas

1st - Adwick, 7 points

2nd - Wakefield, 5 points

3rd - Armthorpe, 4 points (have missed their gala)

4th - Askern Spa, 3 points

5th - South Hunsley, 1 points (have missed their gala)

Swimmer of the meet -

As you can see from the list in the write up there were some amazing highlights from the day, right across the board. So it's fitting that the swimmer of the meet is actually a team. The girls 11 years and under really put on a great display of quality, skill and speed throughout all their events. They ended up winning both relays and all 4 individuals. Well done!!

Millie Colbear (2 relays, 2 ind.)

Gill Clarke (2 relays, 2 ind.)

Lauren Christmas (2 relays)

Charlotte Howard (2 relays)