Pocklington League 2012 - Gala 4

Post date: 20-Sep-2012 14:20:36

Gala number 3 happened all the way back in April so we had a long wait to see how we would fair in the 4th and final gala of this year's Pocklington League.

For those of you who don't have great memories, Armthorpe placed first in all 3 previous galas so were in prime position to claim the league title. Only a 4th place finish would have meant we wouldn't win the league. So, when it turned out that a scheduling conflict for New Earswick meant that they weren't able to attend, Armthorpe were assured 3rd place and therefore the league title too.

However, no one cared about that! There was racing to do!!

The usual superstars of the club did their part as normal, but we did also swap things around a little bit to give some people who have earned a shot at swimming in this league there chance to shine - and they certainly did just that! There was Finley Hempsall swimming in his first ever Pocklington league gala, Reece Fielding churning out a 1.5 second PB in the 100 free, Keegan Guest knocking almost a second of his 50 breast time, Katy Burton with another massive breaststroke PB and of course Molly Grayson making a return to competition by completing the 100 fly with a smile on her face and a very respectable time!

As a coach there are some things that I look for at galas besides the swimming. I loved that;

    • our swimmers climbed out of the pool after almost all their swims - even though we had an outside lane right next to the steps.
    • we were pretty loud! encouraging your team mates is a really big help.
    • there seems to always be a good amount of laughing going on... even though you're laughing at the coaches, that's OK!

So all in all, it's been a great league competition this year and there will be a nice piece of silverware making its way down to the trophy cabinet at Armthorpe. Well done to everyone who swam in any of this years galas.

Coach's swimmer of the meet:

6 swims, 500m worth of racing, a dance at the end of the gala and a TON of shouting and encouragement throughout the meet. The swimmer of the meet just had to be Heidi Smith. Congratulations Heidi, your swims (including relays) accounted for a total of 21 points!! that's a HUGE contribution!!!

Final Points on the day were

1st - Armthorpe, 150 points

2nd - Adwick, 146 points

3rd - Askern Spa, 115 points

4th - New Earswick, 0 points

Current League Standings after 4 of the 5 galas - each team misses one gala during the season.

1st - Armthorpe, 16 points

2nd - Adwick, 9 points (have missed their gala)

3rd - Wakefield, 7 points (have missed their gala)

4th - Askern Spa, 5 points (have missed their gala)

5th - New Earswick, 2 points (have missed their gala)

Final gala to be held on next weekend at Adwick (Armthorpe will miss this one)