Pocklington League 2011 - gala 3

Post date: 02-Oct-2011 08:57:47

The penultimate round of this years Pocklington league was just over the North Bridge in Adwick. For the three Doncaster based teams (Adwick, Armthorpe and Askern) this was the first gala of 3 full weekends of racing and no doubt everyone was looking to get off to a good start.

As with the first two league galas the gala quickly became a head to head competition between Adwick and Armthorpe for first and second place. The structure events of Pocklington league galas puts all the individual events in between the two rounds of relays. So after the first round of relays coaches can get a pretty good feel for how the teams will fare through the rest of the gala. So when we were on even terms after each age group had done one relay, despite getting disqualified in one relay, we knew it was possible to win the gala.

From that point on the gala followed a very similar script to the second gala. Armthorpe pulled clear through the individual events and consolidated the victory with some solid performances in the final round of relays. Askern were also able to pip New Earswick to 3rd place for the first time this year, so congratulations to them.

It was lovely to see that our swimmers are now thinking about their races, just like we work on in training. Several people came to talk to me before their races to talk tactics, then went into the race and did exactly what we had spoken about and even more importantly came to talk through the race again once it was over. This type of planning, execution and analysis is a really effective way to get the most out of races so that you can learn from them and improve more quickly. It gives you very specific things to work on in training that will then have an immediate positive affect on your racing. Lets keep this up all the way through October!

Final point on the day were:

Armthorpe - 150

Adwick - 136

Askern - 94

New Earswick - 92

Current league points (and previous gala positions) are as follows

Armthorpe - 12 points (1st, 1st, 1st)

Adwick - 9 points (2nd, 2nd, 2nd)

New Earswick - 5 points (3rd, 3rd, 4th)

Askern - 4 points (4th, 4th, 3rd)

The 4th and final round or the league will be in two weeks time, October 15th, in York. Details of the team selection and travel arrangements are on the notice board now.