Pocklington League 2011, Gala 1

Post date: 26-Jun-2011 18:21:01

On a scorching day, when I'm sure most parents and swimmers would have rather been lounging in the garden, this years Pocklington League got underway. Swimmers from Armthorpe, Adwick, Askern and New Earswick piled onto the poolside at Askern all hoping to score as many points for their teams as possible.

8 Armthorpe swimmers managed to pick up individual wins through the gala, Jamie Clarke, Caitlin Dixon, Katy Burton, Torin Wilson, Jarvis Parkinson, David Holmes, Alex Pollard & Heidi Smith. In addition, there were wins for the 15 years and under boys (James Mullen, Torin Wilson, Jamie Clarke & Dale Marshbank) and girls (Heidi Smith, Toni Briggs, Caitlin Dixon & Morgan McAnulty) in both the freestyle and medley relays. As ever, I like to pick out a 'special mention' at each gala for someone who has caught my eye for implementing the work we do in training into their racing or for putting in the extra effort in a gala. Today was all about the 11 years and under girls team of Millie Colbear, Katy Burton, Gill Clarke and Rebecca Christmas. Together they managed to pick up a 1st, four 2nd's and a 3rd place finish. That is fantastic for a team who are so young - 3 of the girls will be swimming in the same age group for 2 more years! Expect some clean sweeps!

A quick last thought for you - Scan over that list of individual winners again and count up how many swimmers have or still race and train at DARTES... 8 out of 8. To perform events of 100m or more is completely different to racing 50's and it takes race practice and a lot more training to figure out how to swim them well. Please think about this when open meets are up on the board, don't just enter the strokes you like, enter the ones you don't like too because swimming more 100 and 200 metre races will make you a better swimmer.

Final Points:

Armthorpe 138

Adwick 137

SPA 100

New Earswick 99

The 2nd Pocklington League gala will be geld at Armthorpe on July 9th so there are only a couple of weeks to get back into training and work on the specific things that will add more and more names to the list of event winners!