Pocklington Gala @ Wakefield, 19/04/2015

Post date: 27-Apr-2015 08:28:12

We are getting stronger, the swimmers are swimming better and the gap between Adwick and ourselves is shrinking. Having a strong team like Adwick, not forgetting the teams from Wakefield and Pocklington, to compete against ensures that we are always looking to improve and to work on the things that make the swimmers faster. Since our last Pocklington we have worked on a number of technical elements as well as the basics of speed, endurance and technique and this showed at the Pocklington Gala because every race was closer.

Having the senior swimmers who train at DARTES in the team allow our other swimmers to learn from what they see and encourages them to practice this in training after the gala. A number of the younger swimmers were massively impressed by David Holmes' swimming, especially THAT 50m FC relay finish, as well as watching the very talented Jarvis Parkinson give a master class in breaststroke underwater technique.

There is still work to do, but personal bests don't lie and neither does seeing the swimmers getting out of the pool shattered after every race - commitment ranks alongside technique when it comes to team galas and our swimmers have both in abundance.

The end result was Adwick 154, Armthorpe 145, Wakefield 112, Pocklington 66.

Well done swimmers and many thanks to all the volunteers and parents.