Pockington Champions

Post date: 15-Oct-2018 11:02:04

Within 6 days of winning the Doncaster Metropolitan Individual Championship we were back at Adwick on Sunday to compete in the final Pocklington Gala of the year with Armthorpe carrying a points lead of 18. All the teams had their best teams out and the quality of swimming did not disappoint. The power and speed of the Open Men's freestyle relay race was exciting to watch with our swimmers just coming out on top of a good Adwick team. Throughout the gala there were many great individual and team swims which will undoubtedly see many pb's being recorded. My personal thanks go to Simon who came over to us after a hard training session at Sheffield and the DARTES swimmers who had also been training in the morning and not forgetting Adam who kept his promise of swimming for us even though he had to travel from Scotland to do it. Sadly, this will be the final Pocklington ever as the clubs believe that it has run its course. At the end of the gala Adwick ran out winners by 4 points but Armthorpe win the Trophy by 14 points. The basis for winning the Trophy was done way back on a very hot day in July at Gainsborough pool when because of a clash of Meets many of the DARTES swimmers were unable to swim and some of our swimmers had to swim up and swim their non favourite strokes - Freya's 100 Fly sticks in my mind, as do the swimmers who dashed back from Sheffield to swim A huge well done to all who swam in either gala. This was truly a big TEAM achievement .

Rossington - 85 South Axholme - 107 Knottingley - 90 Armthorpe - 209 Adwick - 213