NER Gala 1, 2011

Post date: 06-Jun-2011 07:16:26

Headlines from the weekend for Armthorpe swimmers were 3 swimmers making the finals in a total of 8 events and converting those swims into 2 Gold and 2 Bronze medals.

Jarvis was the star of the show for Armthorpe bringing home gold in the 200 butterfly, 400IM and a bronze in the 100 breaststroke. Take another look at those events... add to that the 5th place in the 200 freestyle the 100 freestyle in an 11th place relay and then consider that he swam heats and finals in every individual event. That's 1900m of racing over two days. Then add in an 800 to 1000m warm up before each of the 4 sessions, 400m cool down after each of his 9 swims and the distance really begins to mount up!

The other Armthorpe medallist this weekend was Jamie Clarke, bringing home a bronze in the 100m backstroke. This year Jamie beat every other 14 year old boy in Yorkshire to become the County Champion and at the North East Regional gala he did that again, he only lost out to swimmers from Tyneside. Along with his 3rd place Jamie made finals in the 200m butterfly (9th) and 200m freestyle (7th).

Alex Pollard was Armthorpe's 3rd finalist for the weekend, finishing 8th in the 200m butterfly. He admitted that his paced the race a little wrong in the heats, going out far too quick and then coming back in a world of pain. The good sign though is that he corrected this for the final and swam a much more even paced race, and went faster! Alex also swam in the 400IM and 100m backstroke, finishing 18th and 16th respectively.

The other representatives for the Kingfishers were James Mullen and Dale Marshbank. James swam the 100m back and just missed out on a place in finals by0.08 seconds! Both Dale and James swam in the 4x100m freestyle relay setting very respectable times in the process.

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