Millie at the British Championships

Post date: 27-Jul-2016 08:43:18

The British Championships run during the summer holidays and the top swimmers from all over the country aim to qualify to compete against the best in Britain. This year we have been very successful with eight of our own making it to this national event: Jarvis Parkinson, Chantelle Waugh, Georgia Wright, Tilly Arrund, Lucy Clarke, Charlotte Howard, Simon Kliment and Millie Colbear.

Of special note is Millie Colbear because she has achieved this fantastic feat without being part of the DARTES programme, she has achieved this with the six hours of training that the club offers - well done Millie.

Millie's supporters - a very proud dad, Scott, as well as Elizabeth and Melissa.

A full write-up of the entire event will come soon highlighting the accomplishments of all our swimmers.