Jarvis Joins the Sub Minute Club

Post date: 23-Jul-2011 08:14:12

At the ASA National Age Group Championship, on his way to 6th place in the 12 years 100m freestyle, Jarvis Parkinson managed to dip under the magic 1 minute barrier! His time of 59.75 allows his name to be added to the growing list of current team members who have achieved this milestone. Congratulation Jarvis!

Current Sub-minute Club Members (in age order)


Molly Grayson

Caitlin Dixon


David Holmes

Daniel McGarry

Mathew Davies

Josh Cartilage

Callum Tate

Shaun Sadd

Daniel Wright

Jack Waddington

Torin Wilson

Jamie Clarke

Jarvis Parkinson

There are several people hovering around 1:02 or faster... lets see if we can add your names to this list sooner rather than later!!!