Jarvis and Alex make the Yorkshire Team

Post date: 12-Sep-2012 13:50:53

It has been announced that both Jarvis Parkinson and Alex Pollard have been selected to represent Yorkshire in the Inter-County Championships next month.

Development of skill and speed doesn't happen happen overnight, so this huge honour is testament to the hard work and dedication both these young men have put in over the past 3 or 4 years. Both Jarvis and Alex have seen huge improvements since joining DARTES full time and are nowhere near done. They will both continue to get faster and faster over the next 3 or 4 years and that is very exciting stuff!

The younger swimmers who want to achieve big things in swimming should look to the hard work of these guys as a great example and understand just what it takes to get there while at the same time think about how it must feel to be one of the best in your age in the whole of Great Briton!

Joining DARTES truly is the best route available to swimmers in Doncaster to achieve awards on a County, Regional, National and International level. The programme, coaches and competitive environment has developed into a great breeding ground for success.

Our congratulations also go out to the other 3 Doncaster swimmers who have been selected for the Yorkshire team - Max Litchfield, Shannon Dodgeson and Joe Litchfield as well as DARTES head coach Andy Wallace for helping the swimmers get to this point.