How do you compare?

Post date: 30-Nov-2019 18:48:24

We enter you in galas, you swim - sometimes win medals and sometimes achieve personal bests. All this data is collected by the coaching team and stored in our performance database. You know how well you have done in relation to your best times but how do you compare against the rest of the country?

The attached file shows you where you are in compared to other swimmers.

AAA time is a national time

AA time is a regional time (for us that is the North-East Region)

A time is a county time (Yorkshire)

B time is a town time

C time is a club level time

You will see that there are the five strokes and two distance 50m and 100m for free, back, breast and fly as well as 100m and 200m for IM.

For each stroke / distance you will have a grade and how close you are to the next level. The algorithm then counts up the number of times at your best level, if you have 3 or more at the best level then this is your level.