Guess what... swimming is fun

Post date: 27-Mar-2012 18:13:43

So we all know that no one involved in running any of Doncaster's feeder clubs clubs get paid a penny, they all do it because they love the sport of swimming, enjoy seeing the kids grow into young people, improve and smile while they're doing it. What about the kids though - why do they do it? Well there are various reasons, ranging from the social to the lofty heights of dreams of international competition. Pretty sure neither the coaches or swimmers would do it if it wasn't fun though!

So what about the parents? where do they fit in to this? Well, some dive in and get involved in the club (becoming coaches or committee members) others drop the kids at the pool then come back a couple of hours later to collect their children and most fall somewhere in-between. But, all parents & coaches should have the same aim - to make swimming fun and enjoyable for the swimmers, it's their hobby after all. Note I said hobby, not job, career or profession. With that in mind, the following article is well worth a read - especially the part about rewarding effort rather than results.