Friendly Gala V's Rossington

Post date: 05-Sep-2011 10:13:44

On Sunday afternoon we faced up against Rossington in a one off friendly gala to give each clubs swimmers some valuable race training and the opportunity to swim different stroke to those they swim in league gala's. It was clear after the first few events that after the summer break getting back in and racing was certainly a shock to the system for some people - especially those with a busy race schedule on the day.

Our younger swimmers (some swimming in their very first gala) were just racing 25's and this made the impact of the starts even more obvious - those with good, streamlined and powerful starts won! Those with sloppy, unpowerful starts didn't win... it's that simple over a 25m race. I spent some time with the 10 year old girls and every race we watch the swimmer that got to the flags (5m) came first!

The older swimmers had all been breifed that Coach Dave didn't care too much about the placings or the 50m times, the focus of the day was being first to 15m and first to 25m. Each swimmers 15m and 25m times have been logged and will be a benchmark for training and future races.

Stand-out swims for the afternoon included;

Lauren Christmas dropping 5 seconds off her 25m butterly time since April to swim 21.82

Kelsey Wilson teaching the older boys how to sprint freestle by riding SOOO high in the water

Torin Wilson continuing on his 'voyage of discovery' with breaststroke and dropping another 0.95 seconds off his PB (I feel some IM's coming along once we speed up those turns)

Thomas Wilson seemed to be in every other race and he lapped it up, swimming consistent times all afternoon.

Nakita Chandra for taking at LEAST 2 meters off everyone else on her amazing dive and streamline in each race - everyone should watch her starts!!!

Now we have to look ahead to the incredibly busy racing month of October. There are Pocklington League gala's, METS and Winter Yorkshires to deal with. Time to polish up the skills and get swimming FAST!!