Friday night coaching team

Post date: 08-Jul-2016 20:05:05

For the last three years, under the careful management of Pete and Clive, we have built a vibrant and professional Friday night which caters for all types of swimmers from rapid improvers to swimmers who simply want to improve their stamina and technique.

All of this would not be possible without the volunteers who man the lanes over the two sessions that we run. We have been very fortunate to have brought through a fantastic team of young talented coaches who are ably supported by some of the older hands.

2016 saw Toni Briggs and Alex Pollard both pass their level 2 Swimming Teacher courses, allowing them to not only teach and coach our swimmers but also to help mentor our younger volunteers - well done to you both.

We have the newly qualified student teachers; Millie Colbear, Harvey Williamson, Lewis Waterhouse, Lydia Wade and Joseph Greenhalgh. The student teacher award is designed for young volunteers prior to them achieving their level 1 at 16 years old.

Alongside these youngsters we have our more experienced teachers; Morgan Mcanulty and Niamh Cogley-Rock.

And not to forget our older volunteers; Pete, Maureen, Richard and Clive and not to forget the invaluable help that we get from Derek Fretwell.

The sessions would also not be the same without the help of Michelle and Mandy

Alex Pollard - Level 2 teacher

Tom and Alex

The student teachers - Lydia, Lewis, Millie, Harvey and Joseph

The Friday crew (minus Toni, Morgan and Niamh).