England Talent Program

Post date: 21-Oct-2015 13:55:33

One of our Armthorpe swimmers was recently selected for the England Talent Programme. This is a series of training events across the country that age group swimmers can be selected for based on national rankings. Charlotte Howard headed off to Sunderland for a weekend in September for a training day with the England Level 1 Talent Programme. The level 1 programme is for boys aged 13 to 14 and girls aged 12 to 13 and selections are based on English rankings throughout the last cycle of competition including the National Championships.

The training was led by England Talent Manager, Fred Furniss and the focus throughout the day was on improving streamlining both in the pool (under water and throughout rotation in the strokes) and on how to improve posture and streamlining through focused land training. The day also included lectures on identifying weaknesses and improving areas in the four key attributes that make a national level swimmer - physical, technical, tactical and mental. Charlotte will now go on to a second weekend with the talent programme at Loughborough in early December.

The younger swimmers (aged 11 - 12) also had an opportunity to attend a regional talent day (identified from results at the NER's in June) which was held at Leeds last Sunday. Ben Wright was selected as an 11 year based on his performances in the 11-12 year old boys category and went through a very similar day of training to the England level 1 talent day. This day was also led by Fred Furniss and coach Alison Howard (DARTES) was selected to attend as one of the lane coaches. This was a thoroughly enjoyable day which gives a taster of what lies ahead for this young age group. Again, the key message was around improving the physical aspects of technique to achieve streamlining and stroke efficiency throughout the whole of the swim, and on improving underwater speed and efficiency.

Congratulations to Charlotte and Ben for being selected for these talent programmes.