Doncaster METS Championships 2012

Post date: 22-Oct-2012 13:45:50

Traditionally the biggest gala for most of the club, the METS Championships take place over two 2 galas in October. This past weekend was the 2nd gala, so how did we all do?? In a word, AMAZINGLY!!

Last year we took home 25 gold, 21 silver and 14 bronze so we were trying to do a little bit better than that this year and oh boy did we do better!! We picked up 33 Gold (7 more than 2011), 29 Silver (8 more than 2011) and 21 Bronze medals (7 more than 2011) between us - that's more Gold and Sliver in 2012 than any other club in Doncaster and just as importantly it's 22 more medals in total than we won last year. It's great to see the hard work of the coaches and swimmers is paying off. As a result of the consistent high placings our swimmers took top honours half of the 16 different age categories.

Top Girl/Boy honors went to

Lauren Christmas - 9 yrs girls

Millie Colbear - 10 yrs girls

Simon Kliment - 11 yrs boys (who didn't even swim competitively a year ago)

Thomas Wilson - 13 yrs boys

Georgia Wright - 14 yrs girls

Caitlin Dixon - 15 yrs girls

Dale Marshbank - 15 yrs Boys

Jamie Clarke - Open mens

But it's not all about the headline swims, there were many young swimmers taking part in their first ever Doncaster Championships, so a huge congratulations go out to all the young up and coming Kingfishers.