DMASA 2011 - gala 2

Post date: 21-Oct-2011 10:13:48

The second weekend of the Doncaster Metropolitan Area Championships was another busy day for the team with 106 swims in total (208 swims over the two galas). We knew going into the gala that winning the overall club title was never a realistic goal due to the sheer number of swimmers Adwick are able to enter - 307 swims V's our 208 - so we set our sight on the same things we have been doing for the past year or so, swimming smart, swimming fast and winning races. The Kingfishers did not disappoint!

The who squad was raring to go and just as we did at the first gala, we started off wit ha record breaking performance and a boat load of points from Millie Colbear and the 9 year old girls in the 9 years 50m backstroke. Millie and Gill were both faster than the boys 9 years winner too!!

Other highlights included Alex Pollard and Jamie Clarke finishing off their clean sweep of all 5 events to become undefeated champions while the girls in the 14 years age group (Caitlin and Heidi representing Armthorpe) had some great battles in their events, each of them picking up a victory.

The 'big boys' continued their relentless assault on the 100m freestyle with Torin, Jack and Sean picking up 2nd, 3th and 6th respectively. Who would have thought that a year ago both Jack and Torin would get out after swimming 58 in the 100 free and say 'it was all-right, nothing special'!!

A couple of our 11 year olds who've only been with the club a short time showed that they are doing a great job of catching up with the others in their age group. Both Ellie Carr and Georgia Baker dropped over 30 seconds off their PB's in the 100IM! Are you girls sure you didn't just miss a length out!?

So all in all, another successful METS Championships for Armthorpe. 24 individual champions, over 100 PB's and a fair few laughs along the way. Thanks again to all the Team Managers, Coaches and Officials who gave up their afternoons to make the gala a good one.

The closing note/question I'd like to pose is one to all the Doncaster clubs who aren't called Adwick or Armthorpe - what can we (the bigger clubs) do to help increase the numbers at this gala in the future? Together the 2 big clubs had 67% of all entries and I don't believe that we have 67% of all swimmers in Doncaster. Swimming in this town is in a good position right now and that should be reflected in the strength and depth of the Doncaster Championships. If any coaches, committee members, swimmers, parents or 'friends of swimming' have any suggestions please e-mail me and maybe we can kick off some kind of dialogue.

Undefeated Champions (won all 5 events)

Millie Colbear 9 years (also claimed 3 new Championship records)

Alex Pollard 12 years

Jamie Clarke - 15 years

Top Boy/Girl (scored most points over the 2 galas)

Millie Colbear, 9 year

Alex Pollard, 12 years

Jarvis Parkinson, 13 years

Heidi Smith, 14 years

Jamie Clarke, 15 years

Torin Wilson, 16 & Over

Individual Champions

Millie Colbear - 9 years fly, back, breast, free, IM

Jack Durose - 9 years breast

Mitchell Burton - 10 years back

Harvey Williamson 10 years IM

Alex Pollard - 12 years fly, back, breast, free, IM

Jarvis Parkinson - 13 years fly, back, breast, free

Dale Marshbank - 14 years back

Caitlin Dixon - 14 years fly

Heidi Smith - 14 years IM

Jamie Clarke fly, back, breast, free, IM

25 Champions in Total

Thanks to Kayleigh Briggs for taking the photo's. Check out the album here