DMASA Individual Championships 2014 - Session 2

Post date: 19-Oct-2014 22:31:14

The second session of this year's 'Mets' gala was just as good as the first with medals coming our way from gold to placing and across all the age groups. Notable performances came from:

Simon Kliment - Age group winner for the 13 year old boys (5 1sts)

Charlie Bolwell - 1st in 100 fly

Chantelle Waugh - 1st in 100 fly

Charlotte Britten - 1st in 50 back and 50 free

Lauren Christmas - 1st in 100 fly and 100 back

It's important to note that we don't just turn up for the medals but for the opportunity to compete against the rest of the teams in Doncaster and to achieve personal bests, in total the were 124 personal bests across the two galas - this deserves a massive round of applauses for all the swimmers.

At the end of the two galas we came second overall which is where we expected to come but will be looking to close the gap on Adwick next year.