Dearne Valley Challenge Gala 2012

Post date: 27-May-2012 13:22:39

Last year we popped up to Dearne Valley for a rare Friday night gala designed to give our under 12's a chance to get used to racing. Well it looks like this is going to be a regular addition to our swimming calendar as last Friday saw the re-match.

Two groups of swimmers have provided us with gala reports - Callum Fielding and Thomas Wilson wrote about the boys swims while Katy Burton, Katie Allott and Nakhita Chandar explain how it went for the girls. Here's what they had to say.


Because the boys provided a race by race report, I've had to condence it a little...

The starts from everyone were really good, and everyone had plenty of swims throughout the gala. The more experienced swimmers won their events quite comfortably, while the ones who were swimming in their first gala found it a little more difficult but still swam really well. Some of the boys had to swim up in age group but still managed to win!


Everyones starts were outstanding. They gave us a clear lead which was extended by amazing streamline turns. It wasn't just the starts and turns which were great, the swimming was too. We won most races, and people who didn't think they would do well did! Lots of swimmers had to swim up one or two age groups, for example Maisy Allott, Amy Humphrey and more. This was the first gala ever for some people, which makes the win even better. Some swimmers found it a challenge to swim their stroke, but everyone gave it their all and we couldn't have done any better.

We did manage to win the gala for the second time, bringing the lovely trophy back to Armthorpe for another year.