Dave Holmes at National Masters

Post date: 31-Oct-2011 09:07:34

For those of you who didn’t realise your own chief coach, David Holmes was about to swim in the ASA National Masters Short Course Championships at Ponds forge this weekend, then let me fill you in.....

Firstly, Day one saw Dave cruise on down “in true Dave style” in the 100m Breaststroke 25-29 years age group in a time of 1:06.58 to claim an excellent 5th position out of the Country’s best swimmers. The most impressive part about this swim was, yes you’ve guessed it, his starts and turns! Dave always goes on and on and on about this, but his swims over the last 3 days, have proven that he knows exactly what he is talking about.... so kids pay more attention in future !

After an impressive start to the competition, Day 2 kicks off to a great start, in which Dave is due to swim in the 100m Freestyle event. As he heads off to his blocks, I tell him to aim for “the top three” position, in which he mutters back “top five” – so how did he get on ?? Well... after a cracking start showing off his usual impressive underwater techniques, followed by his amazing speedy turns, Dave absolutely smashed it winning Gold Medal position in a time of 51:98 – and climbed out the pool as if he had just been for a stroll in the park ! The afternoon session of Day 2 arrived (at which point, I vanished off home for 2 hours kip and a KFC!) whilst Dave was left to battle it out in the 100m Butterfly. Having missed watching his race, I returned to a smiley Dave, having gained yet another medal – this time a silver - in a time of 56:89. Well Done. The last session of Day 2 quickly approached, and this time Dave was on yet another mission to show them how it was done in the 200m Freestyle. Yet again Dave showed his amazing starts and turns technique and fast finish, to gain yet another well earned Gold Medal in a time of 1:55.36. Very impressive swim! This time he climbed out and actually looked out of puff, which shows just how hard he worked to gain his position. Dave then had very little rest, before diving back in the pool for his 100m IM race. After a great battle, Dave managed to scoop yet another medal, this time a Bronze in a time of 59:48. He was now starting to look more and more like Mr T !

So.... the 3rd and final Race day came, in which Dave was due to battle it out in the 50m Freestyle event. Dave was up against some seriously fast competition and swam a cracking time of 23:84 narrowly missing out on a medal position, but hey, Mr T had already achieved so much, so a big pat on the back for this one. The final and most important event of the Day for Dave, was his 20 minute Swedish massage, in which Dave enjoyed very much – but we won’t go into detail, after all, I am writing this for the Armthorpe’s website. But let’s just say Dave walked out of there with a big beaming smile J and bruised calves! So to round it up, Dave walked away with a total of 4 medals and was an inspiration to watch – if only I could kick that far under water, I would be amazing too !! Well done Dave – and I would just like to take a second to say “Thank You so much for all your efforts, help and advice”, not only from me, but from all of the Swimmers/Coaches and parents at our club – you are doing an amazing job and it is very much appreciated. Tina