Bridon Shield through a parents eyes

Post date: 10-May-2013 13:09:44

As a relatively new member of any sports club participants can be nervous ahead of their first few competitions, as too can their parents! Not knowing what to expect is usually the main source of worry, so we asked Helena Honeybone to write up the experience of her first Bridon Shield as a parent. Her son Sam was swimming in the 9 years relays.On approach to the Adwick Leisure Centre on Sunday 28th April I glanced in the rear view mirror to see my son anxiously biting his nails and looking ahead to the hundreds of cars that were parked. Not knowing what to expect inside we made our way through to the changing rooms where I wished him lots of luck and joined the snaking queue up to the viewing gallery. The atmosphere around the pool was alive and charged with excitement and expectation. The younger swimmers looked so small stood at the side of the pool and it was great to watch the Armthorpe coaches and older swimmers taking their time to give encouragement and praise to the youngsters. As the races began the crowd cheered and clapped and supported young and older swimmers alike. There was a true sense of team spirit amongst the Armthorpe parents and supporters. Armthorpe swimmers oozed quality and began to notch up gold and silver medals. Team after team of boys and girls were successful and suddenly it became obvious that the children were rising to this challenge in a big way! The masters races were amazing to watch, a true inspiration to all young swimmers in the club. What fantastic role models for the swimmers to look up to! I watched, bursting with pride, as my son and his team stood on the medal podium receiving their gold medals.

The journey home couldn’t have been any more different. This time as I looked in the rear view mirror I saw a face full of confidence, pride and sheer elation. Armthorpe had claimed the Bridon Shield and every swimmer and coach had played their part in this fabulous achievement.