BML Armthorpe Division 2 Champions

Post date: 24-Sep-2019 15:14:14

I should have come away from Wakefield this Sunday feeling great but instead I came away a little disappointed. Firstly the electronic timing didn't work properly and this made following the gala very difficult for spectators and poolside staff and secondly and more important to me were the 2 DQ's we got. A flyer in the girls 12 year Free relay team which we won by a mile - why take the risk girls!! and a faulty backstroke turn in the individual races. I am already planning for the Doncaster Cup Final on the 6 October and we definitely cannot afford to have any DQ's at that gala. Having got that of my chest there were a lot of very good swims which I am sure will result in many PB's. Cole Thompson and Nick Honeybone impressed me as they were consistently fast even though they were covering both the 12 and 14 year old age groups. By far the youngest and smallest swimmer there was Lauren Wood who got a great PB for her Frontcrawl of 20.45 - well done Lauren. Finally at the end of the 4 rounds the final points totals were: Armthorpe 602 Adwick 543 Wakefield 416 Chapletown 368. Armthorpe 2019 Champions of Division 2 - so a big well done to everyone who swam during the year a great achievement - BUT I want to win the Doncaster Cup so be ready.