Blue & Yellow 2011

Post date: 04-Apr-2011 16:54:24

April 2nd, 2011 -

This weekend saw the first annual Blue V's Yellow gala. For one afternoon our club was split in two with our club captains Jack Waddington and Emma Wright taking charge of the Yellows and Blues, respectively. There was a brilliant competitive atmosphere between the two teams which produced some fantastic racing. Times for each swimmer are attached below. There are also a few more pictures in the Gallery

Both teams had high hopes for the day, each having several Yorkshire finalists and medalists on their team sheet. The Blues team was loaded in the older age groups with Caitlin Dixon, Heidi Smith, Reece Fielding, Alex Pollard & Jarvis Parkinson - all Yorkshire Medalists in 2011. But would their under 12's be just as good?? The Yellow team were strong in the older age groups too with Jamie Clarke, Dale Marshbank and Jack.

In the end it was the consistency and depth of the Yellow team that proved too much to handle. They pulled out to an early lead of 11 points after the backstroke and extended their lead to 39 after the fly and breast. This meant that the freestyle was somewhat of a formality, but the Blue's still raced hard and picked up a few more wins. So congratulations to Jack and his Yellow team. ended up coming away with the victory and cashing in on the winning captains privilege to throw the other captain in the pool! Will 2012 see revenge for Emma and her Blue's!?!

The club would also like to thank the very generous donations from swimmers and parents that produced a mountain of Easter eggs! We were able to send every swimmer (and a few coaches) home with an egg. These are the types of things that make our club so much fun to be a part of.