Barnsley Minors League 9.4.11

Post date: 10-Apr-2011 10:49:54

This weekend saw the latest round of the Barnsley Minors League campaign. South Axholme Sharks were hosting the gala at the Ridings Pool in Scunthorpe, City of Sheffield and Rotherham Metro made up the rest of the competition.

The top swimmers from Sheffield and Rotherham proved too much for us on the day, but it's well worth noting that the younger relays were right up there and claiming 1st and 2nd places very consistently. Add to that the fact we had swimmers swimming up a age group or two and still brining home good points bodes well for the next couple of years. It was great to see so many people putting into practice the things that we have been working on in training. I wish I could mention them all, but special mentions have to go to Paul Willard for working so had on his butterfly technique, Bethan Hammond-Jones for being so aggressive in all her races and nailing her relay takeovers every time and Toni Briggs for pulling out PB's and doing it with a smile!

The great thing from a coach's point of view in every gala is that you get to see if there are any common themes of good or bad habits running through the club, and then build this into training sessions. So, the biggest thing that I took from this gala is that not everyone is using starts and turns as a tool to accelerate and win races. We will certainly be doing some more work on this in the coming weeks! That said, we can take all the good points from this gala and be very proud of the many, many things we did right.

2011 BML standings