Barnsley League Round 3 at Chapletown

Post date: 06-May-2019 16:08:50

Saturday 27 April Armthorpe went to Chapletown for this round of the BML. This new pool unfortunately had poor spectator space and because of the depth of the water in the shallow end of the pool all swimmers had to start in the water from that end of the pool. This means that if you are looking at the attached times do not be disheartened if you were 2nd or 4th swimmers in the relays or were a boy in the cannon because all these swimmers had to start in the water therefore meaning PB's were out of the question. This was a much closer gala than the previous ones because Adwick brought a much stronger team. We had no dq's and Adwick had one so again a disciplined approach to the relays so well done to everyone. It was nice to see Vlad and Thomas winning races in the 10 year old races and once Helena has checked all the times out I am sure there will be many pb's. A very solid performance from everyone so well done.

Result was:

Chapletown -87 Armthorpe - 155 Adwick - 150 Wakefield - 93

The final gala will be at Wakefield on Sunday 7 July. This will be a tough one because we already have several key swimmers who are not available. We have built up a decent points lead so it will be a case of hanging in there and doing our best. We can be League 2 champions so lets go for it.