Barnsley League Round 2 at Barnsley

Post date: 30-Apr-2018 10:24:45

For various reasons we had to field a slightly weaker team at this gala but the positive out of this was how pleased I was with the commitment of ALL our swimmers and the strong performances that they produced under a lot of pressure from a lot of very good swimmers from the other clubs. It was very pleasing to see that we had no DQ's - this shows discipline and self control under pressure and it is a significant reason that we are still second in the Division. ( Barnsley had 5 DQ's, Sheffield had 5 and Wakefield 6 that's a lot of points that we gained on them by our self control. Well Done to all. In the 10 and under Boys we had 3 pre speed swimmers who swam very well and gained us points that to me were a bonus. We had a last minute hitch when Molly Grayson one of our Open swimmers had someone run into the back of her car so thank you to the other swimmers who swam up and filled the gap. Maddison Johnson who wasn't feeling too good in the morning still managed to turn in good performances and swam in 5 races. In the end we were only 5 points behind City of Sheffield who will most likely be hit with a penalty of 10 points for swimming an eligible swimmer. After 2 rounds we are still 2nd in the Division so lets see if we can hang onto that for the next two galas.

Result : City of Wakefield - 110 Armthorpe - 110 Borough of Barnsley - 138 City of Sheffield - 115

Times are in attachment but some of the splits are missing ( watch malfunction) and remember all starts in the shallow end were from the water so very difficult to get a pb without a dive start.