Barnsley League Gala at Chapletown 21/02/2016

Post date: 01-Mar-2016 16:36:41

This was the first Barnsley League Gala of the 2016 season following our promotion last year. As you would expect from a higher division the competition were good. We had many good swims but in the end had to be satisfied with 4th place although there were not many points between us and 3rd place. For many of the 10 year olds this was their first gala and they performed very well. There were many good swims but as the pool was 25 yard long and all pb's are taken over 25 mtrs we can opnly take the swimmers times as a guidance. This was the last gala that will be swum at Chapletown as next year they will have a nice new pool to swim in. The next Barnsley Leagure gala is not until June so we have time to work on a few things which hopefully will give us a few extra points. I have attached the results sheet below for your information.