Barnsley League 2013 - Gala 2

Post date: 08-Mar-2013 18:23:03

Thanks to Torin Wilson for the following gala report.

On the Saturday of the 2nd of March, Armthorpe headed to Dearneside leisure centre, Goldthorpe, for the second Barnsley league gala of the year.

Our rivals consisted of Wakefield, Sheffield and Barnsley. Not an easy run by any means, nevertheless we stepped up to the challenge with a willing start. Simon Kliment claimed our first win of the gala in the 12 and under 50m breaststroke and carried on to win every individual event he competed in. There were other consistent performances from Ben Long and Ben Wright, both with a couple of wins under their belt. One thing that did stand out in every swimmer was the standard of starts, both reactions and streamlining were excellent which is major key factor we have been working on.

After the first set of team events our rivals seemed to pull ahead, which should be expected from 3 major clubs but we still kept our heads in the game and claimed a few extra wins in the second set of individual swims not backing out. As the second team swims started we did not succeed as well as we hoped but still managed to place third in front of wakefield in the cannon.

Our end result was 3rd place which is was a good result regarding our competition, top notch.

Gala 2 results:

1st Barnsley 178 points

2nd Sheffield 176 points

3rd Armthorpe 166 points

4th Wakefield 161 points

Total Points and League Standings:

1st Barnsley 363 points

2nd Sheffield 351 points

3rd Armthorpe 330 points

4th Wakefield 324 points