Barnsley League 2013 - Gala 1

Post date: 30-Jan-2013 16:12:12

Thanks to Team Captain Emma Wright for providing the gala report below.

The first gala of the year and we seemed to get off to a good start. We were competing against Sheffield who usually put up a good fight against us. This proved to be the same again. We started off well with the individuals that were all 50m’s. It seemed to be that David’s constant nagging about ‘fly kicks off the wall’ proved to be quite effective as every swimmer I saw compete had brilliant kicks off the wall. Result! Two swimmers, we believed, need a special mention- Jack Durose who swam every single individual in his age group and was completely shattered by the end of the gala and Ben Wright who also swam up and still placed in the top three in all of his races. Well done guys! It wasn’t obvious who was winning by the time we started out on the team swims, so we all gave it our best shot. Take overs were brilliant and it seemed the break over the New Year hadn’t affected us too much! When the results were read out at half way we were placed in third. However, it didn’t dampen our spirits and we didn’t give up. In particular the men’s open team performed exceptionally winning both of their team swims. We finally placed third, but overall a good and encouraging performance. Well done!

1st Barnsley 185 points

2nd Sheffield 175 points

3rd Armthorpe 164 points

4th Wakefield 163 points

Swimmer of the meet:

As mentioned in Emma's report, there were loads of swimmers swimming up in age group at this gala. So huge congratulations go out to to all those superstars. You are all deserving of the 'Swimmer of the Meet' award.