Barnsley League 2012 - Gala 3

Post date: 23-Apr-2012 13:11:54

As you know, the rules of the Barnsley League mean that if a swimmer makes the final in the Yorkshire Championships they are then ineligible to swim that stroke in the Barnsley League. The reason behind this is to allow swimmers who aren't in the top 10 in the county or race more often. This system is a great one and does exactly what it's designed to.

So the gala on Saturday was the 3rd round of the League. Barnsley, Wakefield and Rotherham made the short trip to Armthorpe for a 3:30 warm up and 4pm start. The format of the galas is always the same - 2 rounds of individuals, one round of teams, 2 more rounds of individuals, the final round of teams and then a 8 x 25m mixed relay for double points to finish off.

There was close racing all afternoon long, especially because all individuals were 50m sprints, events were won and lost with starts, turns and finishes. There were half a dozen races where all 4 swimmers were within 2 seconds of each other at the finish!

There were 3 individual winners for Armthorpe - Morgan McAnulty, Charlotte Howard and Thomas Wilson along with 6 relay victories, including the 8 x 25m cannon. I think that goes some way to showing that the quality and depth of quality in our club is growing. We don't rely on one stand-out swimmer in each age group to swim all the individuals, instead we have solid teams in most age groups which is a great sign of things to come.

The points at the end of the gala showed how closely fought the whole competition had been, just 15 points between 1st and 4th

Gala 3 points

1st - Barnsley, 175 pts

2nd - Wakefield, 173 pts

3rd - Rotherham, 168 pts

4th - Armthorpe, 160 pts

League standing's after the third of 5 gala's (each team misses one gala per season)

1st - Wakefield, 515 pts

2nd - Armthorpe, 501 pts

3rd - Barnsley, 371 pts (have missed their gala)

4th - Rotherham, 340 pts (have missed their gala)

5th - Chapeltown, 294 pts (have missed their gala)

To get a real idea of league standing's you have to take the average points scored by each team - so here's how the league REALLY looks:

1st - Barnsley average 185 pts

2nd -Wakefield average 171 pts

3rd - Rotherham average 170 pts

4th - Armthorpe average 167 pts

5th - Chapeltown average 147 pts

So it looks like the league is pretty close at the minute!

The final note for the day is a huge thank you to the team behind the running of the gala. Not only did warm-up start a couple of minutes early, the gala finished almost half an hour early! greatly appreciated by all swimmers, parents and coaches :-)