Barnsley Christmas Gala

Post date: 11-Dec-2011 12:01:40

Jenny Colins reports on the Borough of Barnsley Gala, December 10th 2011

On a very cold and frosty Saturday morning a small group of 7 Armthorpe swimmers turned up at Ponds Forge for the Borough of Barnsley annual Christmas meet. We sat beside other Doncaster clubs, Rossington on one side South Axhome sharks and Don Valley on the other so most swimmers had either school or swimming pals to talk to making the day all more enjoyable.

At the start of the day, as it was a small group we all decided on goals we would like to achieve for the day ahead.

Morgan and Toni's was the same, to swim in the 31 seconds for 50M freestyle (they had neither done it in a previous individual swim only a split time), Toni went first and achieved her goal so more pressure on Morgan who went next and also achieved a 31 so both of those two were delighted.Matthew's goal was to get 2 speeding tickets (he only swam 2 events in the morning) and also to beat ex Armthorpe swimmer and good friend Max who nows swims at Rossington, once again he achieved his goal.Jack Durose's goal was to go under 50 seconds in hos 50M breaststroke which unfortunately he just missed out on but due to a fantastic swim he got 1st place and an impressive trophy so wasn't dissapointed at all.Nathan Keeling's goal was also for the breaststroke, he wanted a pb under a minute which he achieved but unfortuantely got DQ'd but Nathan as always kept smiling and learnt from the experience.Francesca Skillcorn's target was to get in the top three in 50M fly however she may have underestimated her competition as they were all at the top of their game, however even though she didn't quite achieve this she swam very well and gained valuable competition experience.Finally Jenny's goal!!! In the programme there was a wordsearch with all the swimming clubs that had entered the gala and after everyone early on had had a go trying to find Armthorpe Jenny decided that her goal no matter what was to find it. After over 6 hours between swims concentrating on this wordsearch (see photos) she became adamant that Armthorpe and 6 other clubs were not in there and reluctantly gave up,. It wasn't all bad news for Jenny though she came away with a number of pb's and with 3rd in 50M fly and after a fantastic final swim she achieved her best ever time and another 3rd in 50m free. If that was down to the frustration with the wordsearch, a wordsearch is going to every gala from now one. We came away with lots of medals and trophies but as such a small group no spot prizes were won.

Fantastic gala with a brill atmosphere!