Bansley League 2012 - Gala 1

Post date: 05-Feb-2012 19:42:03

Last weekend we started off the Pocklington League with a narrow one point victory. Could the team pull out a similar or possibly an even better result in the first Barnsley League gala of the year??

Thanks to Torin Wilson for the below report:

Head Coach's Top Performer

Thomas Wilson, for being constantly through both his individuals and 4 relay swims - placing first in every event except the one relay that was disqualified. Thomas managed to drop 2 seconds off his PB in the 50 free, bringing him within sight of that 29 second swim. Hopefully that's just around the corner!!

Also a special mention for Ben Wright and Casey Waugh for competing in their first league gala for the club. Well done both of you.

The first Barnsley league gala of the year took place in Maltby at the new Leisure complex, a top of the range 25m pool complete with 6 lanes, which was nice for a change and definitely boosted our confidence to swim well. This was needed due to our competitors being bigger teams teams than Armthorpe - Rotherham Metro and Wakefield (there was also a much smaller team from Chapeltown).

We managed to start the gala with an outstanding performance from Maisy Allott, who won the 10 year old girls 50m breast stroke with a turn that Dave would be proud of, gaining a metre over the rest of the field! The rest of the gala was pretty close between the teams, but we still kept on top of our game throughout, with other outstanding performances from Tom Wilson with a fast 50m freestyle, Kelsey Wilson in the 50m Fly, Gill Clarke and Matthew Happs in the 50m butterfly. Still in first place after 48 events, we finally made it to the cannon, with Casey, Mitchell, Georgia Whetton, Tom Wilson, Kelsey, Reece, Emma and Myself taking an early lead, and winning the full 10 points comfortably, making us outright winners of the gala. All were happy with the excellent result until we had to trek through 4 feet of snow (well like 2cm but yeah…). Overall a great performance and a great result, definitely an excellent start to a number of wins in the near future, hopefully!

League standing's after the first of 5 gala's (each team misses one gala per season)

1st - Armthorpe, 186 pts

2nd - Wakefield, 177 pts

3rd - Rotherham, 172 pts

4th - Chapeltown, 138 pts

5th - Barnsley, 0 pts (have missed their gala)