Armthorpe Swimming Club and DCLT youngesters enjoy their first gala

Post date: 13-Jul-2014 10:29:58

Following lots of planning and preparation the day finally arrived for our younger swimmers in DCLT and club lessons to have a go at competitive swimming. The young athletes are currently working towards the National standard level 6 and level 7 badges and swimming 25m at top speed is a good challenge.

Poolside was packed with expectant parents and family and nervous kids ready to show everyone what they were capable of, and show them they did!!! From the first race to the last the cheering from the poolside was deafening and the swimmers responded brilliantly to the challenge.

Each swimmer had a chance to swim the following strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle from a dive; each time was recorded just like at senior events and are detailed on the attached report.

The times that were achieved by the swimmers were exceptional especially when you consider that some of the kids were only 6 and 7 years old. To show how well attended this gala was we have attached photos of our young Olympians.

An event like this could not have taken place without the assistance of highly committed adults from both DCLT and Armthorpe Swimming Club - many thanks to you all. In the end who won? Obviously it was the kids and the sport of swimming.