National Championships Qualifiers 2014

Post date: 10-Jul-2014 14:56:20

Competitive swimmers make a Yorkshire entry time their first target as they start to compete and improve. Some manage to get a North Eastern qualifying time and a few manage to make it to the top with a National qualifying time. This year Armthorpe swimmers have managed a staggering 32 qualifying times.

Many congratulations to the following swimmers who have achieved National times and will be at this years championships at Ponds Forge:

Jarvis Parkinson 10 times Simon Kliment 9 times

Caitlin Dixon 3 times Gillian Clarke 2 times

Georgia Wright 2 times Natasha Crow 1 time

Charlotte Howard 1 time Harvey Williamson 4 times

A really tremendous achievement and good luck at the Nationals.

NQT Swimmers - just missing super Caitlin