Blue and Yellow Gala 2012

Post date: 02-Apr-2012 09:46:34

To finish off a very hectic month it was time for the 2nd annual Blues and yellows gala! This is where we split the whole speed squad into 2 (the Blue team and the Yellow team) and race for points, pride and Easter Eggs! Thanks to Emily Alton for the below report. Before you say anything Emily (and Emma), you're welcome for the choice of picture we've added of you! :-)

Plenty of parents turned up to help out with time keeping, scoring and judging; all of whom were needed to aid the smooth running of these events – the help was very much appreciated. While warm-ups were completed the teams chosen. As with last year the Blue Team were Captained by Jack Waddington - aiming for his second team win, while the Yellow Team had Emma Wright as their Captain, she was attempting to settle the scores this year. Each event was just 25m so a lot of the older age groups became very close races, with good starts becoming essential to picking up good points times. To allow the least confusion between the clubs volunteers the swimming order was kept simple; IM order starting with the youngest and working through to the ‘oldies’. Both teams were in good spirit smiling and cheering on their swimmers to the end of the pool not just for their times and points but for a pile of kindly donated Easter eggs in the distance. Around half way through The Yellows were walking all over The Blues by 214 points to 197, until finally it was pointed out that the blue team were one swimmer short than their opposition. 8 points were awarded to the blue team, which were really welcomed because by this time the yellows were starting to open up a lead.

The yellows faces suddenly dropped realising the big gap they originally had was beginning to close. However, with only half of the breaststroke and then the freestyle, it wasn’t looking easy for Jacks team to pull it back. It was down to the final few races and with tired, 'old' 16/17 year olds the final points could have been anyone’s.

But, the Yellow team held on for the win! Jack was mortified and attempted to walk from poolside without being noticed; but he wasn't going to get away hat easily. Just to prove the yellows won Jack was 'rugby tackled' into the pool! Points: yellows -299 blues - 269!! We shall see what next year brings, who will get the best of 3?