What equipment is needed for training?

Due to Covid Regulations Swimmers can not share equipment so must bring the items they need to each session.

All swimmers/Lifesavers need: Goggles, Float, Water Bottle & Swimming Hat (unless they have short hair) .

PreSpeed & Speeds Swimmers also need Pull Buoys & Fins

As swimmers progress in the club the equipment they need to own also progresses. Below is a guide to which kit needs to be bought.

Of course all swimmers need their swimming costume, a towel , a cap and goggles, but there are a few more bits of kit to consider. It all depends on the lane they swim in.

ALL Swimmers - the most important piece of equipment is a filled water bottle. Not taking on fluids diminishes your performance and can lead to headaches - please ensure that you achieve your potential by keeping your engine topped up.

Pre Speed & Speed

Every child should have the following:

Water Bottle, Pull buoy, Kick board and Short fins,

Once swimmers progress to lane 3 in the first session on a Wednesday they may be asked to add:

Hand paddles, Mid-line Snorkel and Sleeveless T-shirt


To purchase any fins/paddles/goggles/ kit bags etc. please click the logo above. This will raise much needed funds for the club.

Club Merchandise

To purchase any personalised Armthorpe Swimming Club clothing/hats please talk to Kirsty Scanlan.

Equipment Orders - I am currently trialling ordering club equipment on line. Payments however still need to be made in cash. I apologise for the delay in orders this is due to issues nationally with supplies and backlog of orders.

Next Equipment Order 31st Jan 2021.

Equipment Order Form will be available for orders from 1st Dec 2020 to 31st Jan 2021