What equipment is needed for training?

Swimmers & Lifesavers need to bring their own equipment to each session

All swimmers & Lifesavers: Goggles, Float, Water Bottle & Swimming Hat (unless they have short hair) .

A, B & C Squad Swimmers also need Pull Buoys & Fins

Lifesavers also need to bring T-Shirt, Long Sleeve Top & Long Bottoms to each session

As swimmers progress in the club the equipment they need to own also progresses. Below is a guide to which kit needs to be bought.

Of course all swimmers need their swimming costume, a towel , a cap, goggles and a water bottle, but there are a few more bits of kit to consider. It all depends on the lane they swim in.

ALL Swimmers - the most important piece of equipment is a filled water bottle. Not taking on fluids diminishes your performance and can lead to headaches - please ensure that you achieve your potential by keeping your engine topped up.

A B & C Squads

Every child should have the following:

Water Bottle, Pull buoy, Kick board and Short fins,

Once swimmers progress to lane 3 in the first session on a Wednesday they may be asked to add:

Hand paddles, Mid-line Snorkel and Sleeveless T-shirt


To purchase any fins/paddles/goggles/ kit bags etc. please click the logo above. This will raise much needed funds for the club.

Club Merchandise

To purchase any personalised Armthorpe Swimming Club clothing/hats please talk to Kirsty Scanlan.

Equipment Orders - I am currently trialling ordering club equipment on line.

Payments however still need to be made in cash.

I apologise for delay in orders this is due to issues nationally with supplies and backlog of orders.

Last Orders submitted 19th July 2021

UPDATE 4/9/21 : There has been a delay on the order - but we hope to have it soon.

Next Order will be 1st October - when I will also be ordering named Caps

Swimming Hat Order Form - please complete by 1st October

Club Clothing Order Form - Please Complete by 1st October 2021