Training & Gala Schedule

Below are the gala's scheduled for Armthorpe Swimming Club members. For more gala information see information board. There are also relevant files attached at the bottom of the page.

While every effort is made to keep this calendar up to date, it is still necessary to check our Facebook Page & the notice board at the pool for information and entry forms.

Please see the bottom of the page for the Official Club Fixture List for this year.

Current Gala Programme only goes up to June 2022. We will update as and when we receive more information.


12 Feb Yorkshire Championship

26 Feb Yorkshire Championship

6 March DARTES March Sprints – Adwick

27 March John Harrimans – Adwick*

16 April BML Scunthorpe – Riddings Pool warm up 12.30 pm

23 April BML Adwick – Adwick warm up 4 pm

22 May BML Wakefield – Sun Lane warm up 2 pm

5 June DARTES B Grade – Adwick

18 June JORVIK Viking Sprints – Leeds

25 June BML Armthorpe – Adwick warm up 4 pm

*This is an excellent gala for the majority of our swimmers