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50MTR TIME TRIAL 9.10.21

On Saturday 9 October 2021 we ran our 2nd 50 mtr time trial of the year.

I am pleased to say that there were 67 pb's from the last time trial in July and 27 first time times.

Excellent results which show that the swimmers are working hard and improving and that they are getting good coaching - my thanks to everyone.

There were lots of swimmers who pb'd over 3 strokes but the following improved on all 4 strokes - Georgia Lakin, Meagan White, Theo Thompson, Lucas Stallard, Lucas Johnson, Vlad Akula, Oscar Ellis, and Jack Collins Very impressive performance from you guys.

Quite a lot of the improvements were very significant a pb of 1 second over 2 months training is good but more than 2 seconds is impressive.

For me most improved swimmer on the day goes to Theo Thompson who over all 4 strokes improved by 24.03 seconds!!! - well done Theo.

Boys Times : 50MTR TIME TRIAL 9.10.21

50 Mtr Time Trial - Boys 9 Oct 2021 interim.xlsx

Girls Times : 50MTR TIME TRIAL 9.10.21

50 Mtr Time Trial-Girls 9 Oct 2021 interim.xlsx

50MTR TIME TRIAL 21.7.21

Firstly my thanks to swimmers and helpers for making this event happen.

This was our first serious competitive swim for well over a year and for our younger swimmers it was the first time they were under racing conditions for 50 mtr swims.

Our lane 1 swimmers just swam 25 mtrs for Butterfly but 50 mtrs for everything else. It is important to note that all swimmers only had a minimum recovery time before swimming the next stroke so it was a strenuous workout and I did not expect as many PB times as we got.

There were many exceptional swims but the standout one for me was James Ellis and his 50mtr time of 44.39 which looking at the National times was the 3rd fastest for a 9 year old boy this year - well done James. (as this was a timing session and not a designated meet his time will not show on the National Ratings) but a sign of things to come for James.

Of the girls Ava Burkill and Phoebe Ellis showed a massive total improvement of over 50 seconds which just shows what hard work can do.

Overall a very productive session and I hope the spectators enjoyed seeing their swimmers at last.


Boys Times : 50MTR TIME TRIAL 21.7.21

Girls Times : 50MTR TIME TRIAL 21.7.21

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